Venture Capital

FLC has an extensive track record of investing with top performing venture managers. Many of these managers are difficult to access and oversubscribed, yet FLC’s experience and strong relationships allow the Firm to partner with managers that have generated consistently compelling venture returns over several investment cycles.

FLC’s venture portfolio consists mostly of seed and early stage focused venture funds but also incorporates expansion and growth equity opportunities. While FLC is sector agnostic, information technology sectors make up a large majority of the venture portfolio with prudent exposure to healthcare and cleantech. FLC’s venture portfolio focuses on investment opportunities in North America, but provides global exposure at the underlying portfolio company level.

FLC’s venture portfolios provide investors exposure to hundreds of private companies and disruptive technologies and businesses that may not be accessible through marketable portfolios or other investment strategies.

The managers in the FLC portfolio are starting and supporting companies that are making a difference and changing the way we live and work. They invest in sectors as broad-ranging as big data to education, biotechnology to electronic patient records, and payment systems to rocket technology. The managers themselves are active participants in creating value in these companies via their expertise in technology, marketing, recruiting and years of experience in company building. Here are just a few of the companies in our portfolios:

boxventure-evernotelendingclubventure-solarcityventure-spacexventure-squaretwitter uber - venture zendesk - venture

Note: The portfolio companies featured on this site are select example investments made by underlying Fund managers and do not necessarily reflect direct investments made by FLC nor the complete list of investments in FLC’s venture portfolio.