Buyouts and Growth Equity

FLC invests with new and established managers in the small and middle market buyout space. We target operationally oriented funds ranging from $100 million to $3 billion in fund size.

As the buyout industry continues to expand, the time and resources required to diligence opportunities at the small end of the market is significant. Manager selection is even more meaningful, since the spread between median returns and top quartile returns can be quite large.

FLC continues to find compelling investment opportunities in the middle market. FLC seeks to partner with funds that have generated consistently strong performance throughout market cycles. FLC’s small and middle market buyout portfolio focuses on investment opportunities in North America, but provides global exposure at the underlying portfolio company level.

The managers in the FLC portfolio are buying companies, often as a control investor, and are active participants in creating value via their expertise in best business practices, marketing, manufacturing, acquisitions and years of experience in company building. FLC’s buyout portfolio includes companies from virtually all sectors of the economy. Here are just a few of the companies in our portfolios:


Note: The portfolio companies featured on this site are select example investments made by underlying Fund managers and do not necessarily reflect direct investments made by FLC nor the complete list of investments in FLC’s buyout portfolio.